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Idea Expansion and Evolution

Isn't it a pity if good ideas get lost and suboptimal ideas become implemented?

If you are appraising your ideas, do you consider every important coherence?

When you are reconsidering your ideas regularly, how do you compare previous thoughts with the new ones?

Do you have a common place for discussing and updating your ideas?


If every idea and creative endeavors are concentrated within a single system, no creative energy will be lost unnecessarily again and there will arise totaly new prospects.

You just have to use the attained time to get some distance for: Infotainment.

Do you have questions like this:
  • How can we get the best ideas, without having to wait for them ?
  • How can we use our ideas efficiently ?
  • How can we handle our ideas without getting off ?
  • How can we share our know how when creating new ideas ?

Principle:   Ideee©

You want:
  • get the best ideas without reading hundreds of papers !
  • help with my ideas even they will be used later !
  • change the future without writing boring papers !
  • make your contribution visible to everybody !
  • have the best ideas "from Scheibbs to Nebraska" !

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Just imagine:
  • to make ideas visible !
  • to make ideas understandable !
  • to compare and appraise ideas !
  • to communicate ideas !
  • to comment ideas !
  • to profit by the simple interfaces via XML/XSL and HTML !
Simply illustrate your Ideas with Ideee© and expand !
The big picture of soft-facts©
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