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memeticor® offers the following services (with different partners):
  • preparation and anticipation of current topics (problems, ideas, partners)
  • introduction to Tai-Ji-Quan (traditional Yang-Style, Tui-Shou, sword form, stick form)
  • outdoor activities (locations with special energy, snowshoeing, offroad)
  • leisure workshops (wine tasting, whisky tasting, cooking&dining)
  • aggregate and summarise the results (brainstorming, voting, cloning - "big picture" visualisation)
  • Newsletter Complexity Enjoyment

    some themes are awkward - mental block:
    if you don't care about it anymore you will have thousands of good ideas...
    Taiji Wandering Taiji Wandering TaiJi Taster Course TaiJi Taster Course daocenter DAO I am sure you know situations like this:
    you are seriously working on a big problem day and night but you just get deeper and deeper in troubles...
    a week later you get the bloody best solution though you are working on a completely different problem!
  • Our brain is working even if we don't recon it.
  • We just have to leave it alone working over lots of information.
    Otherwise we can cause an information overload.
  • You can boost this "leave alone" consciously.
  • Through a change of scene into nature or a body workout.
    It is seriously important to have some special measures if you are working with the whole team.

    NEW: TaiJi Wanderings...
  • very efficient and more and more favourite - Tai-Ji-Quan:
    interlink both sides of your brain...
    Do you remember the days when you were learning to bike, to swim or to ski?
    Wasn't it very difficult to see what is the right theory and to practise until it really works?
    It is very similar doing this ancient Chinese mix of martial arts and wellness.
    But it is also similar if you get to know new odours and flavour or
    you are experiencing with special energies of certain places in nature.
  • "interlinking both sides of your brain" with Tai-Ji-Quan.
  • "adhere" without blocking or backing down with Tui-Shou
  • "sharpen your senses" with odours, flavour and nature
  • loosen your mental block.
  • train and master your sales and conflict situations
  • provide confidence and get to know each other better
    how do you think to survive out there in the office jungle without periodical trainings ?
    do you really blind trust your new partners and teams?
    it is better to save your money at the doctor's or at the court!

    prevention is better than cure...
    mem-movie©: Tai Ji Quan
    it is so easy to make your own mem-movie©

  • chances and risk - management:
    how do infotainment affect your chances & risk ratings ?
    use all of your senses to get the right informations - use every information channel:
  • pictorial representation by Memetic Topic Maps © - makes your targets and success visible
  • optional voice control and voice input/output - listen to it
  • move your body to interlink both sides of your brain - adhere instead of blocking or backing down
  • odours and flavour - sharpen your senses
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