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  • Do you really know that you don't become gerrymandered ?
  • Take the initiator in !
  • Then he must show his colors, and you spare at least one step in evolution !
  • Asking for innovation without having a goal is foolish !

  • The gods like the chaos ...
  • Best inventions are done by chance !
  • Who have a go at very new things, have to reckon some untidiness;
    but he may find himself in the marvellous world of fractals.

  • Habit mocks a wrong kind of safeness !
  • Only the ones who change his habits permanently, will be prepared for the future !
  • Habit limits the scope !

  • Following the instructions without asking for the sense,
    gambles away the last chance of improvement.
  • Only if you challenge everything, you can change the world !
  • Spinach is very ferrous and the earth is a disc ?

  • Too often we change our targets for becoming comfortable with our results.
  • Nothing is more specious than an apparently good success !
  • But the fate is inexorable ...

  • increase in sales and profit are no wise objectives !
  • Do you want to get attended by a doctor whose objective is to increase in sales ?
    Or do you want to get represented by a lawyer / judge
    who needs 80% of session time to calculate the charge ?
  • Financial success is nothing more than a wanted impact !

  • Fear is a bad councellor !
  • Who does not let loose will never break open to new banks.
  • There is however only the here and now, we tackle the future at this very moment.
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