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From Singlebrain Training
  1. What is a single brain capable to do ?
  2. In what state is this possible most efficently ?
  3. How can we reach this state and how can we train it ?
  4. How is it possible to verify and to measure this ?
  5. Why do we have such a complex brain and why do we aspire to a further perfection ?

Brain Waves in Awakened Mind State
Brain Waves in Awakened Mind State

Brainie in Awakened Mind State
Brainie in
Awakened Mind State
  1. Our whole culture and society with all of its attainments was built from brains. Even every innovation and invention was conceived, implemented or characterized by a special single brain.
  2. Brains tend to process and interlink informationen in subconsciousness. It may get into blockades and overloads. And there are wonderful states where everything seams to flow by itself, this is a Flow or Awakened Mind State.
  3. To avoid blockades and to use a flow pointedly may be trained. And you have to put some daylight between yourself and the information. By Ken Wilber/Don Beck (Spiral Dynamics) there are at least 4 different types of experience of time: physisal, emotional, mental and spiritual time.
  4. Using biofeedback and neurofeedback we can measure the activity of the brain: EEG.
    But we can also by the results, the output of the brain of course.
  5. An approach beside evolution and genetics is memetics which shows why humans perfect their brains.

to Multibrain Solutions
  1. Does a highly specialised expert get always better results than the group ?
  2. How does a group work efficiently together ?
  3. Is a classical organisation a eine workable solution ?
  4. Did we already come to the limits of the information society ?
  5. How does a multi brain solution work ?
Fish Test
Fish Test
Democracy Test
Democracy Test
Knowledge Walker
Knowledge Walker

The best Ideas
Collaboration Management
Benchmarking & PR
Opinion Making
  1. Highly specialised experts do often miss an alternative approach in finding a possible solutions. In really new approaches experts make mistakes as often as non experts. An impressive record over time does not mean therefore that it will continue in the future. Read about The Wisdom of Crowds in our literature list.
  2. A group of very similar people will make the same mistakes. Think about the "Syndrome of the Bay of Pigs". Only groups with enough diversity and independency will have usable result in a much more reliable way.
  3. A classical organisation is hierarchical and there will evolve groups of people with very similar characteristics over time. Who does not know the term "professionally blinkered ?
  4. Did we already come to the limits of the information society ? Certainly you will know the Reuters study about information overload. Than you will also knw that we do already need new methods of information transfer needfully.
  5. How does the multi brain solution work ? Exactly like the single brain solution too but with additional external utilities. We visualize a situation first and then we have to trust in our intuition. Just think about skiing or about the estimation of a complex situation like an examination or negotiation. First of all we have to exercise and then we have to prepare for every situation but in action we have to trust in our intuition finally. This works only if we visualize a lot of suitable pictures and we rework them again and again to establish them firmly. In the group it is the same so visualize about this.
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