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Business Process Control
Some things must be visualized to make them visible.

Some things must be visible to become realised.


No man is good enough to govern another man,

without that other's consent!

Abraham Lincoln

Do we ever wonder
how many times other people have
to read our papers.


Don't tell me a story

show me the big picture.

Big Boss

Do you have questions like this:
  • Who is responsible ?
  • Who is expert in this field ?
  • What is my scope ?
  • What are my limits ?

Principle:   BP-Control©

You want:
  • work hard but not useless !
  • share work with others without a dispute !
  • trust in your organisation !
  • know what is going on without reading hundreds of papers !
  • know who is who without hanging around drinking coffee !

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Just imagine:
  • declare your fields and scopes !
  • reason projects and tasks !
  • define your limits !
  • assign people !
  • benchmark processes at a finger tip !
  • profit by the simple interfaces via XML/XSL and HTML !
Simply illustrate your Business Processes with BP-Control© and delegate !
The big picture of soft-facts©
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