memeticor® - The EuroCultivator 2006 !
If we build an EuroFighter we could also build an EuroCultivator.
No not such a thing for your garden, but something to give Europa a culture !

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The EuroCultivator ...
Culture is more than technology and working until burn out !
Does Europa have any at all ?
How does culture come into being ?
  • information overflow,
  • administration and regulations
  • complex and intransparent ?
    or by
  • communication
  • targets and ideas
  • simple and perspicuous !
  • Hey ! There is still such a professional Collaboration Management System
    working on a graphical basis ...

    These pictures are form a scene out of mem-topics©©.
    ... why, yes - if that could be good for Europa, it would be
    also good for your organistation/party/country/community - couldn't it ?
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    February 2006