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2013 - Year of Hirnlosigkeit !

Meta Level

2012 - Year of Meta Level !
Principle Sketches
at InterSystems TechTalk Seminar in Schloß Gumpoldskirchen on 27th of October

Photo Exhibition
Photo Exhibition
Stimmung, Licht, gefühltes Leben
Impressionen aus Wiener Neustadt

in Monheim am Rhein - Schelmenturm
Freitag 02. September - 18 Uhr
Samstag 03. September - 14 - 18 Uhr
Sonntag 04. September - 10 - 14 Uhr

initiated by kunsthaus1
and the friendly assistance of Monheim am Rhein.

Principle Sketches

2011 - Year of Principle Sketches !
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[motivation in job]

Quality instead of Quantity
You can never ever have enough mojo !
An impetus against
financial crisis

An impetus against the crisis
  • A contribution of memeticor®.
  • Don't wait for others to use your money
    to fight the crisis!
  • our offer for you....
Innovation Impetus - Image and Complaint Managmenent - HR Development - Continuity Managmenet
Folders - Impetus Consulting - System Presentation
thought tagging thinkables©
thought tagging thinkables©
collection of thoughts

invitation to collect thoughts
  • A free and independent collection of thoughts to important political themes.
  • Join us and "tag" your thoughts!
  • follow me...(in German only).
  • We will work up these thoughts using our graphical thought ordering machine.
zur Sache c®ampaigning objectiv
c®ampaigning objective
looking for creative politicians

"Politics and constructive Creativity"
to Matters c®ampaigning objectiv
Meeting Planner
Bullshit Bingo Bullshit Bingo Bullshit Bingo
...better than Bullshit Bingo !

Meeting Planner...
New Versions
New Versions...
  • e-mem©: V2.0.1 ...
    Highlights: Caché 2007.1, ebInterface, XING, ...
  • mem-topics©: V2.0.1 ...
    Highlights: Caché 2007.1, RDF/OWL, TRIZ, ...
Consulting Pills©
virtual on-line Consulting Pills©
Semantic Web - Social Web
To find out about possible side effects please ask your lobby or consultant.
September 2007 - Graz Austria
Commercial: Offroad im Wissensmanagement
Knowledge Management from an Ancient Chinese Point of View, or the Knowledge Flow through an Organisation
mem-movie© Award April 2007
mem-movie© Award
April 2007

Judge the best mem-movies© by the 5 phases
Win T-Shirts from the series mem-wear© and pictures from the series mem-stimulus©
Fachdialog Innovation
memeticor® @ e-LIFE
Fachdialog Innovation
Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2007, 10:00 - 15:00 Uhr
IMC Fachhochschule
am Campus Krems, Trakt G

3500 Krems, Dr. Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
Information and Registration:
Amt der NÖ Landesregierung
mail: Frau Martina Ebner

"Philosophical Contemplations to Save the World"
What is to be done?

featuring I.P.O.

mem-wear(c) shop
mem-wear(c) - memes on shirt
Merchandising - our merchandising products for your joy !
individual messages - botte messages - many designs - art

Z.I.P. Test
Z.I.P. Test
When did you draw a thumbsketch of your priciples recently ?
Let's do this on-line just now !

Christmas Guidebook 2006
Christmas Guidebook 2006
Do you still know what you will give ?
Give something sustainable in B2B !

Democracy Test
Make the Democracy Test !
Test if the methods of the election campaigns are useful for your organisation...
here !

With words of introduction from the Secretary General of the Federation of Austrian Industry ret. and from the Frontman of the political satirical online-forum

MWonline reports about the Fish Test
at Tuesday 2006-09-12 in the Newsletter !

Fisch Test
Make the Fish Test !
Test the Soft-Facts of your organisation...
here !

With words of introduction of the chairman of the representation of the European Commission in Austria ...

Da Vinci Code The Da Vinci Code was still cracked.
Crack the memeticor® Code now
here !
Your opinion counts ...
let your knowledge work for you ...
eDay 2006 Presentation from memeticor® at
eDay 2006 here for download
ReadyToGo-Consultiung !
as from: 1st of March 2006
IT-Firma des Monats Read about memeticor® in
New Business Magazine as
IT-Company of the month !
Issue: December 2005 / January 2006
InterSystems InterSystems Business Day Austria 2005
Presentation at 15th of November 2005
Location: Hotel Hilton Vienna Danube
Certificate mememticor® gets an
appreciation for the
outstanding innovation

awarded by Land Niederösterreich and Wirtschaftskammer for
INFINÖ Awards Show NÖ Innovationspreis 2005
"Karl Ritter von Ghega-Preis"

Presention at 8th of November 2005
Location: Kasino Baden

mem-topics© submitted for the 'Niederösterreichischer Innovationspreis' ...
Hear about background, projects and partners of mememticor®.
Memeticor_Wirtschaftsblatt.pdf (187 kB)