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mem-P(owe)R© let your knowledge work for you...
Public Relations with the Power of Meme(tic)s:
  • Your PR success is difficult to measure ?
  • Your marketing costs do not pay off ?
    What's about a crossbench check ?
  • Do your informations survive ?
  • Does everybody talk about you ?
  • People believe the third party opinion !
  • Even bad publicity is better than no publicity !
  • Force Competition
  • Blind Competition
  • Indirect Competition
  • Progress Competition
  • M a r k e t i n g
    mem-PoweR This is our secret: every measure affects the result !
    we offer:

    crossbench checks
    • innovation checks #
    • communication checks #
    • popularity checks
    • security cecks #
    • potential assessment checks #
  • organisation checks #
  • dokumentation checks #
  • motivation checks #
  • knowledge checks #
  • coolness checks
  • consulting satisfaction checks #
  • IT satisfaction checks #
  • project management checks #
  • arbitrary checks
  • procedure:
    • rating models (assessment and reporting)
    • graphical treatment
      (packed for PR)
    • press #, newsletter #, internet #
    • benchmarking with similar case #
    • debriefing and potential assessment #
    • motivation and infotainment #
    • benchmarking of 3-5 organisations
    • companies and/or units
    • communities
    • party sub-organisations
    • societies
    • public utilities
    mem-PoweR Scheme let your knowledge work for you: - Your declaration and our tools - our Newsletter to this subject: Newsletter
    we are looking for:

    get publicity by improvement
  • Snap at the chance !
  • Tackel the future in advance of the others !
    declaration   questions ?
  • partners...
    share the know how and manifold the success
  • region
  • sector
  • USP
    become Partner ?
  • sponsors...
    share the costs and manifold the publicity
  • offer
  • region
    become Sponsor ?
  • mem-topics mem-topics© with our graphical collaboration management system we fix a theme, we accomplish the assessment and the benchmark, and we use it for the debriefing and for the treatment.
    e-mem e-mem© with our marketing tool we design - in combination with selected print media - the newsletter and interpret the result of the PR action.
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