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Chess Marketing - Sales Situation Management

back  support your sales with e-mem©...!

back  opinion leader with e-mem©...!

How do you arrange your sales to:
  • support your customers ?
  • improve your products ?
  • establish business relations ?
  • identify the needs ?
  • move your marketing effectively ?
  • boost your business ?
e-mem© helps you to arrange your sales !

Do you know such a situation ?
  • certain channels, campaigns, raffles and giveaways lead to
  • valuable answers, requests and contacts
  • subsequent you have a business case
  • with interested parties and a characteristical company and their units
  • you carry on negotiations about your products
  • with preferred features
  • thereby you identify and make use of different roles playing...
e-mem© helps you to optimize such situations !

Support your sales with:
  • selected marketing channels
  • coordinated campaigns
  • concerted mailings
  • cute giveaways
  • attractive raffles
  • on-line analyses of all reactions
e-mem© helps you to succeed in business !
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